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Latest Smarthome Security by smanos

  • Smanos K1 Smart Home DIY Security Alarm Kit

    The award winning Smanos K1 wireless smart home security system is Smanos's latest wireless, integrated smart home and security gateway, combining butler and guard-like functions into aesthetically designed round discs....
  • Smanos UFO Panoramic WiFi HD Camera

    The UFO's 180-degree (desk or wall mount) or 360-degree (ceiling mount) field of view means that you get to keep an eye on your loved ones or property – with...
  • Smanos Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor

    The Smanos MD-20 is a pet-friendly motion sensor that detects body movement within 8 metres and has a 110 degree detection range. Ideal for installation in corners for optimal coverage....

Best Selling 3g Self-Monitored Security Alarms

  • Chuango G5W (3g) 'Premium 260' Wireless DIY Home Security Alarm

    The Chuango G5W (3g) ‘Premium 260’ Wireless DIY Home Security Alarm package is suitable for a small to medium size home, office or apartment. This package has a wireless outdoor solar...
  • Chuango G5W (3g) 'Premium' Wireless DIY Home Security Alarm

    The new Chuango G5W (3g) ‘Premium’ Wireless DIY Home Security Alarm is a great package for a small to medium size home, apartment or office. You can expand this system as...
  • Chuango G5W (3g) 'Deluxe 280' Wireless DIY Home Security Alarm

    The Chuango G5W (3g) ‘Deluxe 280’ Wireless DIY Home Security Alarm package is one of our most popular intruder alarms for medium to large size homes, offices and apartments. Included is...

WiFi Security Alarms & IP Camera

  • Chuango AW1 Plus 'Premium' WiFi Home Security Alarm

    The Chuango AW1 Plus WiFi wireless DIY security alarm is the latest addition to our Chuango product range. This ‘Premium’ package is suited for a small to medium size home,...
  • Chuango IP116 PLUS HD WiFi Camera

    The IP116 PLUS is a new addition to the Chuango wireless home and SOHO product range. Download the App by searching "IP116 Plus camera" from App Store or Google Play....
  • Chuango AWV Plus 'Premium 280' WiFi Home Security Alarm + IP Camera

    Chuango's AWV Plus WiFi wireless DIY security alarm is the latest addition to our Chuango product range. This ‘Premium 280’ package is similar to the AW1 Plus however the AWV...


Security Alarm Services are specialists in wireless DIY home security systems. We sell two very reliable Brands of products that are affordable, easy to install, easy to use and they’re designed with the latest technology.

Over the last ten to fifteen years security alarm systems have changed in many ways due to newer and ever evolving technologies. Many traditional ‘old school’ home alarm systems rely on a main alarm control box with hardwired motion sensors, door alarms, keypads and sirens.

These older security alarm systems need to be installed by a professional security alarm technician and in most cases, you will pay ongoing monthly fees for back-to-base monitoring. Still today these types of home security systems are still being used however these days there are more superior home alarm systems that provide enhanced features allowing end-users more control, easier operational flexibility and much lower running costs.

Our Chuango product range includes the wireless G5W (3G) security alarm that communicates with you via any 3G mobile network. This means you can self-monitor your alarm via your mobile phone anywhere in the world as long as you have mobile phone coverage.

The Chuango wireless AW1 Plus WiFi security alarm system uses your WiFi internet connection and sends you push notifications to your smartphone via an APP. As long as your smartphone has internet data access you can self-monitor your security alarm anywhere, anytime.

Home security systems really have come a long way. Our Smanos K1 product range is more than just a security alarm system. It’s a Smarthome security system and works with Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Nest and Philips Hue lighting. The Smanos K1 Smarthome security system connects to your WiFi internet and can be easily self-monitored and controlled from your smartphone. There are many programmable features and functions available with the K1 system.

All our security alarm systems and products come with a two-year warranty and free after-sales technical support is available between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

If you need any help with selecting the most suitable security alarm or smarthome alarm system please contact us on 1300 855 255.

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