No doubt you have heard rumblings in the media of late discussing the changes and implications of the planned changes to shut down the 2g network in Australia in the not too distant future. This has raised concerns for some people and will at some stage affect customers who are currently using security alarms that operate on the 2g (GSM) networks such as the Chuango G5 and G3 alarms. This also includes the Orion AM2000 re-branded G5 product.

Rest assured, we’re on it!

Security Alarm Services is soon to release the new Chuango G5W (3g) available September 21st 2015!

What does the shutdown of the 2g (GSM) mobile network mean?

2g (also known as GSM) was the first digital mobile phone service introduced to Australia in 1993. Our first digital mobile phones such as the good-old Nokia 3310 series and Motorola flip phones where all connected to this technology back in the day.

We now have 3g & 4g and demand for these newer technologies is growing rapidly with more and more people using smartphones, tablets and other devices which all require 3g & 4g for faster and more reliable internet speeds.

Due to the decreased 2g market, Telstra and Optus have announced the shutdown of their 2g networks on the following dates:

Telstra - 1 December 2016

Optus - 1 April 2017

At the time of writing this article Vodafone is yet to announce their future plan for their own 2g network.

How does all this effect customers that have purchased 2g (GSM) alarm systems?

Right now your alarm system will continue to operate as normal.

If you are using either the Telstra or Optus service (including a reseller ie. Aldi, Amaysim, TPG, Virgin etc.) your alarm will continue to work until the shutdown dates provided above.

As Vodafone have not announced a shutdown date of their 2g network it may be possible to change your alarm system over to a Vodafone SIM card which would allow your alarm to continue to operate as normal

What happens if my original Chuango G5 or G3 (2g/GSM) alarm system stops working because I have no 2g coverage after Telstra and Optus close their networks and Vodafone is not an option?

Security Alarm Services (SAS) has been working with Chuango Security Technology Corporation to develop a new 3g version of the very successful Chuango G5 GSM/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm System.

We are very pleased to announce the release of the new Chuango G5W 3G/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm System which will be available in Australia from 21st September 2015.

Security Alarm Services and our approved Reseller network will be the first and only authorised sellers of the new Chuango G5W (3g) in Australia. If you are purchasing this new product be sure to purchase it from either SAS or one of our reputable Resellers.

If your original Chuango alarm system is within the two year warranty period and NO 2g network coverage is available, SAS will upgrade your G5 control panel to the new G5W (3g) free of charge. We will work through this process during 2016 and we will be in contact with you via email or telephone.

If your original alarm system is outside the warranty period SAS will offer you an upgrade at a cost of $249 plus shipping. (Upgrade price is correct as at 26/02/2016)

Please note, all existing wireless accessories will connect to the new Chuango G5W (3g) so there is no need to purchase or replace any wireless accessories.

For more information on the upcoming 2g (GSM) network changes see the following links:

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