Security Cameras are fast becoming a critical part of all home and business security systems.  With only a limited portion of the population using video cameras, savvy burglars are quick to move on to easier targets when a camera is on site. Many people are citing Australia’s drop in property related theft to the increased focus on security measures.

Here are just a few of the key reasons why wireless video security should be part of your security system:

1.       Deterrent for criminal activities – burglaries are less likely to occur in homes and businesses where cameras are in place. With less than 17%

2.       Allows you to monitor unusual behaviour in and around your environment

3.       Acts as evidence in the case of theft

4.       Can reduce insurance premiums

5.       Monitor kids/ pets/ babysitter/ front door

The team at SAS have been on the hunt to find the perfect camera for home and business security. With all of our products we search for quality, reliability and affordability and after several trials finally came across the D-Link DCS-933L and DCS-2132L.

For under $250, you can have an easy to install security camera with the following features:

·         Infrared LED for night viewing

·         Up to 4x digital zoom

·         Adjustable image size & quality

·         Audio & Motion detection

·         Instant Email Alerts

·         Wifi or LAN connectivity

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