PIR’s (Passive Infrared) are a type of wireless motion sensor used to detect the body movement of humans.

The Chuango PIR-910 is a pet-immune sensor consisting of a digital dual-core fuzzy logic infrared control chip allowing it to effectively identify human body movement.

It offers a pet immune feature which is suitable for smaller dogs with a body weight of 25kg or less.

Unfortunately, for those of us who have a pet that is likely to jump up onto furniture or climb onto benchtops this is likely to cause false alarms. To ensure accurate detection, it’s essential the PIR is installed at the correct height and location.

 At SAS we also sell the wireless Chuango PIR-700 that is installed centrally on the ceiling of a room and provides 360 degree detection range along with the Chuango PIR-800 which is a curtain detection range PIR. 

The PIR-700 and PIR-800 are not pet-immune.

To view our range of PIR's click here.

Please note: All SAS products come with a clear instruction booklet to explain exactly how they are to be positioned and what to avoid.

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